Month: July 2016

12 days to go!!!

Sorry its been a while since my last post. What a hectic couple of months it has been! I am not sure where in any Ironman Training plan it says about going for a 2 week all inclusive holiday to Cancun but I somehow ended up including it in mine haha. All this training and the commitment I have made to it has hindered family life at times so I think it was important we managed to get a nice family holiday in especially for the kids. Turns out it was a nice little training week where I got to run in 30 degree heat and swim in bath like water in the sea which was lovely too. Turns out I only put 2lbs on after the two weeks and have already managed to shake that off plus some extra.

Since returning from Cancun on Wednesday of last week, it was a quick turn around and time for the Wales Swim down Tenby as part of the Long Course Weekend. Dad and I rocked up Friday, registered and then took in the sights of Tenby, getting inspiration from all the kids doing their dip and dash races whilst reminiscing of my competitive school boy days. So much fun and high expectations. Great times!!! The swim was a full Iron distance swim of 2.4 miles. I had my eye on a sub 1hr 10 for it but realistically I knew that with the jet lag and post Cancun blues I was going to need something special to get it. Conditions were lovely out of the water, sun was out, gentle breeze and everyone was in great spirits down there. 6 o clock arrived and it was wetsuit on and in to test the water. Slightly colder than the last ocean I had taken a dip in but hey ho! 2100 swimmers were going at it all in the holding pen waiting for the gun. We were greeted with not only a klaxon but also a full set of fireworks which I think took the lungs out of some of the athletes, fortunately I was near the front of the pack and was in and away but time the smoke settled.

The swim was tough! Turns out conditions weren’t as great out at sea as they were on land with a nice steady chop but nothing too off putting. First lap felt good however my lines weren’t very economical and I am confident I must have swam much further than I needed to. It was the Australian style exit and re entry which was great fun and crowds packed the run way back into the sea. Was feeling slightly on my arse at the half way marker when a big the loud roar from Marc and Jo Barrow caught be by surprise and gave me a kick up the arse to get my head in the game ready for the last loop. My arms weren’t feeling to strong for the last half but got round it in a respectable 1hr 16, not my target time but all things considered I was happy. Most importantly though, I loved the challenge and being in with that many competitors all pushing themselves to the limit!

Now all I have left to do is finish some conditioning work this week, I was due to taper but after holiday I just want to get my body a bit more solid and some final technique and training drills will hopefully put the icing on the cake and then after the weekend its nice an easy through to Lake Placid. Dad and I are scheduled to fly into Boston on Thursday 20th and Drive across to Lake Placid where I can hopefully catch check in Thursday night and then get a bike recce on the Friday. Shit is becoming a reality now, I have had my bib number of 1518. I will post a blog when I get to New York and share a link to my Athlete Tracker. Full of mixed emotions of nerves, excitement, determination and the fear of the unknown. I am happy with my training I just hope I can get it right on the day when it counts. Dad is going to be in my corner so I am confident he will keep me in line and make sure I am pacing it right.


One last thing before I check out is my Tenby Charity Position. Some of you may have seen that I have cancelled my Macmillan Charity spot and paid for my entry to compete in order to raise money for a friend and colleague who’s daughter needs life saving treatment in Boston and needs £50,000 to fund it. I want to compliment Macmillan on their understanding and cooperation in the process and have supported my decision. I have kept my goal of £2000 to raise for Little Lydia Germon. Her challenge is far greater than mine, she has more strength than I ever will, but if I can help her then I will try my utmost to ensure I not only get round this Ironman but also Ironman Wales in September too.

Please see my page

I would be grateful of any donations to this life saving cause.

Until I next blog, I thought I would leave you with this. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Successful people keep moving forward, they may make mistakes but they never quit! Be Successful in all aspects of life!

Peace out !