Month: May 2016

Two Races into the Season

So, time for a progress report. Diet has been going good. I have been wanting to shift a few more pounds ready for the loungers races and all seems on track.

I finally got to kick start my season in the Llanelli Sprint two weeks ago. I felt a little heavy  on the swim, my shoulders started to get fatigued quickly which was a slight concern as it was only a 750m swim but I am putting that down to it being only my second swim in the new wetsuit, the first time being only two days before! The cycle went well considering it was my weakest and the run was good too. It was my first race which I had done the year before so I could see if there were any improvements and I was chuffed when I knocked 3 minutes off last years time.

The highlight of the race had to be running the last 2.5km with rugby legend Shane Williams. He caught me up at the half way mark of the run and I said to myself I can’t let you beat me. We went toe to toe for the last half until it came down to the finish line. We both started upping the speed and closed in on two guys in front of us until it came to the final 100 yards. I took it up another gear and thankfully for me, he didn’t have the gear to get up to. I was over the moon, and luckily for me, my dad was on hand to capture it all on camera.

me and Shane running

The second race of the season was this sunday just gone in Porthcawl. This time is was an Olympic distance. 1500m Swim, 40km Bike and a 10km Run to finish. This was my next challenge as I didn’t push up to this distance last season and kept it in my com for zone at sprint distance.

The swim felt fantastic, it was my first experience of a beach start swim which I loved! 130 plus bodies hurtling themselves into the sea at the same time. An australian exit swim at the half way point (exit the sea run 20 yards then re enter) was always a treat to experience. I felt really strong on the swim and its only going to get stronger. I was 16th out of the water in a time of 24 mins.

The cycle was a fantastic route, challenging, a couple of tasty climbs and some fast descents. Unfortunately for my I rode them like a tit and had to get used to the sound of bikes shooting passed me. Really was frustrated with it but I am not going to dwell on it, just hammer the time on my bike now ready for my next challenge.

The run was going to be interesting, I had put some effort into the bike but I had tried focusing on spinning rather than girding the lower gears so when I started the run I quickly started picking off those in front. I finished the run in 46 minutes and I had quite enough in the tank to really push the final 1km. I finished a respectable 66th in a strong field but I didn’t break the 2 hours 30 minute mark. With a strong bike I think I could definitely break it.

So now where to go? Time to push the distance some more, Sosban sizzler is two weeks away which will be my first half Ironman and a real eye opener into where I am with my training. How am I feeling about this? I can’t fucking wait! Bring it on!! The opportunity of a new challenge, pushing my body and mind further than I have gone before is something I can’t get enough of! Lets get it on!

What to do now….? Do I build on my strengths and get my Swim and run even stronger and even more competitive, or just try to maintain that and invest some serious time on my bike to get it up to a respectable standard?

That decision is still in process however tonight I tackled the hills of Mount Pleasant and Townhill.

To add to my recent challenges, I have had a fantastic boost of confidence with an offer of sponsorship from sports events company miTours. They have made a fantastic donation to my charity Macmillan and also covered the cost for a brand new racing suit. I am ready to kick on and looking forward to my first Half Ironman and then its one road to full Ironman!


Peace out!