Month: April 2016

14 weeks out!

Lets go again! It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post.

So where have I come since my previous post……. well I’ve been to Hot Pod Yoga which may I add was an absolute treat! I was very skeptical going in but what a great experience it was and based on this last week its clearly done exactly what I wanted!

I have really just been focusing on my stretching and flexibility, working my IT band and the surrounding muscles and putting the miles in on the bike and in the pool.

I timed myself again on the half Ironman swim and finished up in a steady 31 minutes which felt great and my goal now is to maintain that over the next few weeks but really focus on my Cycle and getting my run back up to scratch.

Last week I was up in Crawley with work and tested my leg out with a steady 5k which was pain free. Could it possibly be the light at the end of the tunnel that I have been searching and working for these past few weeks? I tested out a nice early 5k at the start of the week which again was pain free which left me with the next question, will it hold out closer to 10k which is something I haven’t managed to clock in 2016……!?

Tonight was my next test, can I go close to the 10k mark? I planned out a route which was relatively flat with some spicy inclines and decline to test out my leg. I picked Dan up who has been training with me the past few weeks and we headed off for Blackpill! Was a cracking evening for it and everything just fell into place! pacing was bang on, heart rate was great, floating around between Zone 2 and 3 and there seemed plenty in the tank both in the lungs and legs! A strong 300m finish at sub 4min/km pace was a nice little end of get the heart rate up at the end.

I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot however, I think I am ready to really kick on, stop winging about my fucking leg which I am sure my friends and family are sick of hearing these last couple of months and really get stuck into it. The goal is clock a half marathon by the 1st week of May and then slowly edge my way up to the 20 mile mark and get a couple under my belt come the end of june early july!

So, Where does my training go from here….? Now is my time to build! I have got my bike and run where I want it to be, I am going to maintain my swim but focus my time for the bike and run with a conscious mindset on continuing my stretching and yoga! My knowledge of training has improved drastically these past few weeks, really investigating heart rates and zones and now its also time to experiment my nutrition and get that race day plan in place!

I have learnt a lot about my self these past few weeks, my first ever real injury in the build up to my biggest ever personal sporting challenge and if I am honest, the first time in my life I have begun to question my capabilities of achieving my goals! I have been on a journey of patience, reflection and channelling my will to succeed in areas I chose to ignore in the past being young and untouchable or so I thought. Maybe this growing old malarky isn’t all that bad and you just need to remember that the body doesn’t always remain as it once was and it needs a bit of tlc along with the mind!

Dream big, keep focused, remain patient and these goals can be possible. Listen to others, trust your training and look after your body and mind! This is the attitude I have come to demonstrate and with that in mind I will remain on track to my Ironman goals!

Peace out!