Month: March 2016

18 weeks out!

So you may have to bare with me on this one. Writing has never been something of even a minor strength of mine but if I am going to put my body and mind through all this training, I may as well document it all.

Where am I right now and am I remotely close to where I need and want to be? Am I fuck! Right now I am swimming strong. I have timed myself on two race pace swims and I have done half Iron distance in 30 minutes and a full Iron distance in 1 hr 6. I should be pleased right? That is sadly as good as its getting right now!

I am suffering with my IT band which has made me very close and attached to my foam roller every morning and night, rolling the shit out of it hoping to finally get some life back in these legs.

21 weeks out got me suckered in to a 100km ride over possibly some of the sickest hills in South Wales which really knocked my confidence on where I want to be on the bike. I say it knocked my confidence but I only had myself to blame on this one! 3 weeks out of the sadly, poor nutrition and a severe lack of warm clothing caused the legs to cease and crumble but we soldiered on and with great support from Mark and Jason I made it back home! At one point I thought I was going to have to wave the white flag and call for help.

Since then I have clocked less hillier rides and also seen some PR’s on the Strava, even when they are at 6am! A few more short hilly routes and it will be time to tackle that 100km loop and this time I am going to fight fire with fire and ride away victorious! Gels and salt tabs and more, I am going in prepped and ready for this one!

Running is my final mission thats got my frustration and temper going off the chart! During all my time of competitive swimming, senior football in the Swansea League!!! and numerous extreme sports hobbies I have seen off growing up, I have never managed to pick up an injury. I now decide to conqour an Ironman and 3 weeks into training and I am riddled with injury! I start feeling good on a few shorter runs, as soon as I reach that 10km mark its game over! I take a week off running, start back up, shorter, then building up some more and then the pain kicks in again. Bollocks! The pain is a sharp shooting pain in the outside of my left knee and it reduces me to a point I am walking home with my tail between my legs.

So where do I go from here? I am swimming like a champ, cycling at around 50% to where I want to be right now and Running is nearly non existent! Am I going to be ready come July 24th, have I finally bitten off more than I can chew for the first time in my life? Confidence is in question and the big debate of where I go from here have been circling my head for the past few weeks.

I have had some words of encouragement from Mr Govier with regards to some Running advice for my training which has lifted my confidence. Can I get race ready for Lake Placid though, will I be able to get my IT Band firing where it needs to be again and get my cycling and running up to a standard close to my Swim?………

I refuse to go down without a fight and I will invest the time in my recovery and train smarter to try help. I am off back to my roller now but hopefully my next post will be more positive and the confidence will be back up where it usually is with me.

#flabdadtoironmanlad over and out!